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By Jenn Jacques

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Under the Gun, a full-length assault on guns and the Second Amendment, er… I mean documentary, premiered on EPIX last night, conveniently during an free preview weekend. As anticipated, it was a screaming endorsement for gun control and a gross demonization of current gun laws that too often go unenforced.

As an attempt to grapple with the political debate, the movie mostly fails. As it flits from issue to issue, it says too much that is untrue or misleading in the service of promoting gun control. Pro-gun viewers will find it hard to be convinced by something that tries so little to understand, much less represent, their point of view.

The worst mistakes here rise to the level of factual error, and they undermine the film as a whole. There is no law, for example, “making it illegal to sue gun manufacturers”; rather, the law lays out the specific circumstances in which such lawsuits are allowed. These include cases stemming from illegal sales and design defects. The law was enacted amidst a wave of lawsuits against companies whose legally sold guns had eventually been used in crimes.

And even when the film gets its facts right, …Read the Rest

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