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By Tom Knighton

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has angered gun rights advocates. That’s not that big of a deal, in and of itself. I mean, he’s the mayor of a large urban center. It’s unlikely that he really needs to worry about gun rights activists all that much most of the time.

But he may want to start rethinking that idea.

After all, they’re trying to impeach him from office, and even some who disagree with the gun rights crowd may side with them on this effort.

Some gun rights advocates are now trying to push Pittsburgh’s mayor out of office and possibly have him criminally charged over his gun control plans.

Republican ward Chair Brooke Nadonley, of Mt. Washington, and Val Finnell, of Firearms Owners Against Crime, made the rounds Monday at the Allegheny County Courthouse, trying to file a petition to impeach Bill Peduto.

“One of the grounds of his malfeasance, which would be the attempt to manipulate and change Pennsylvania gun laws,” Nadonley said.

Impeachment is a long shot, and likely won’t get any traction, but it appears likely that some of the advocates will file private criminal complaints against the mayor and City Council.

As for impeachment proceedings, they were told they needed …Read the Rest

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