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By Ammoland

School Security
School Security

Indiana – -( For those who think our adversaries of the Second Amendment are resting or gone away better wake up.

They have not let this summer slip away. They are working like never before on preparing for the next wave of attack on gun owners.

I said a gun owner, that’s you if you’re reading this. The target is not just the gun itself but the legitimate firearm owners. There are now recent news stories showing groups of kids with the adults directing demonstrations for more gun control. Also, we now see mayors and governors of states signing new firearm restrictions and regulations, both on types of guns and the lawful purchasing of a firearm.

As I may have written before, I was tasked this past session [Indiana legislature] to introduce a resolution for a summer study for school safety. I willingly did so after being assured there indeed would be a study. Unfortunately, that was not one of the subjects that were selected. I had a clear idea of what I felt would have been a good approach on covering all the bases on legitimate school safety discussion by including professionals from 5 categories; educators, law enforcement, …Read the Rest

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