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By Dan Zimmerman


Trap shooters are an odd lot. While every kind of shooting has its own variations of guns and equipment, trap devotees and their tools seem just a little more out there than most. Whether it’s the glasses, the gear or the extra-long barreled smoothbores, shooting trap is its own animal. So when TriStar announced that they were introducing a new line of reasonably priced, nicely equipped dedicated trap shotguns, it was good news for those who like to bust clays but don’t have the cost of a used Kia to lay down on a gun . . .

Wait. It’s a single barrel shotgun, you say. What’s the big deal? The big deal is the price for the features the TT-15’s pack.


The phrase ‘inexpensive trap gun’ has always been a contradiction in terms. There’s nothing stopping you from shooting trap with a venerable Remmy 870 or Mossy 500. But if you get far enough in the sport and want to buy yourself a true trap gun, the price of …Read the Rest

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