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By Eve Flanigan

Knowing what a fan I am of the Canik brand, the US TriStar rep asked if I’d like to test the latest, compact version of the 100 series, manufactured by Canik but branded by the importer, TriStar. Of course, I replied in the affirmative and the experience did not disappoint.
This Turkish 9mm walks a line between true double/single action and single action only. Like a 1911 (or CZ75), the hammer is placed in the fully cocked position upon loading. There’s a thumb safety on the left side, which unlike the 1911, blocks the trigger mechanism from inside only — there is no external slide/safety interface.
For an extra measure of safety during carry, the hammer can be put in half-cock to afford a somewhat longer trigger pull. Or, fully de-cock it for a true double action first shot. Unorthodox as these techniques are when compared to either the 1911 or classic DA/SA platform, they work.
The all-aluminum frame Is another marriage of old and new styling. At 37.3 ounces unloaded, it has a solid feel, and the full-length rails insure that there’s no noticeable barrel deviation when the slide is rearward.
The TriStar C100 chambered in 9mm. The handgun is constructed of steel


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