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By Chris Eger

The smallest pistol that the storied firearms maker has produced in the past 40 years, the new FN 503 is a micro-compact 9mm that can fill a lot of needs for today’s gun buyer. (All Photos: Chris Eger/
Earlier this year FN launched the FN 503, a slim, 6+1 shot single-stack 9mm that is the company’s smallest handgun in generations, and we have been putting it through its paces.
About Time
Once upon a time, FN was known for making the smallest, most compact handguns on the market. These included John Browning’s Mle 1900, Mle 1906 Vest Pocket (which predated his Vest Pocket for Colt by two years), Mle 1910, and the Browning Baby.
The 9mm FN 503 compared to the last single-stack the company marketed to consumers, the .380ACP FN 1910
Fast forward to the 1980s and all of those classic designs were put to bed. To fill this hole in their catalog in recent years, full-size polymer-framed double-stacks like the FNS and FN 509 have been chopped down to more compact designs, but they were still pretty chonky compared to Mr. Browning’s early guns.
FN, making up for lost time, came correct with the 503 model which debuted in March. The new pistol has


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