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By Kristin Alberts

For years, Henry Repeating Arm’s AR-7 Survival has been setting the standard in breakdown packable rimfires. But, the gun maker has upped its game to the next level with introduction of a full bug-out ready Survival Pack.
While the package includes the ever popular Henry Survival rifle, the accessories really drive this product into special territory. So, not only are we testing the semi-automatic rimfire rifle, but also the quality and usefulness of the contents of the kit.
The package includes: Datrex concentrated 1,000 calorie food ration of four bars; Frontier Straw water filter good for 30 gallons; ESEE Fire Tool; Buck Rival folding knife engraved with the Henry logo; H&H Mylar Emergency Hypothermia Blanket; 100-feet of olive drab para cord; SWAT-T stretch wrap style tourniquet; and an allen black nylon Henry Survival zipper case with stowage for additional gear and rifle.
The US Survival Pack retails for $550, about a $200 jump from the bare rifle’s price. It’s a tough upgrade sell until you consider that the kit is already selling online at various retailers for under four bills. My, how the tables have turned.
The Henry AR7 Rifle
The AR7 is quick to assemble/dis-assemble, as the barrel seats quickly onto the threaded receiver


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