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By Nick Leghorn


Concealed carry handguns are still all the rage at the range. Guns like the GLOCK 43 and S&W Shield are flying off the store shelves as the number of people legally able to carry a concealed handgun skyrockets nationwide. The standard approach gun companies have been taking to satisfy this market is to shrink their existing handgun designs and call it good. Taurus, however, wanted to do something different. They created a gun that was designed from the ground up as a concealed carry handgun, and the result is the Taurus Curve . . .

The first time I saw the Taurus Curve was SHOT Show…2014. Six months before the patent leaked, and eleven months before the official announcement. Mark Kresser was still the CEO then and he brought a bunch of other bloggers and me into a room and handed us the prototype. He talked a little bit about the design goals for the handgun, and my first impression was that this was a brilliant idea. The problem they saw with most concealed carry guns was that they are straight and blocky, so when you try to conceal them under a shirt …read more

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