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By Jon Wayne Taylor


I carry a 1911 in .45ACP every day. I’ve carried a .45ACP as my daily carry for decades now. I’m invested in the caliber. The key to my ballistic heart: 1911’s incredible pointability. With a good 1911, I can draw and dump a magazine into a 4″ circle at seven yards in a few seconds time. What made me fall in love with the platform is made all the lovelier when it’s chambered in 9mm . . .


My first reaction was the same as when I got my first XD, many years ago — good job with the packaging and the gear. The case came with everything you need to walk out the door and shoot, minus the ammo: the gun, two mags, magazine holder and holster, and spare inserts for the fiber optic front sight.

I wish everyone selling a gun did this, or at least had this kind of package as an option. Any time you buy a handgun you should have a holster and a way to carry a spare magazine. The only other thing they might have …Read the Rest

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