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The G26 was my very first carry pistol. The second handgun I ever purchased and it started my love affair with Glock. Fast forward through four jobs, including working at a very large gun store, and its still one of my favorite handguns. I have more rounds through that handgun than any other one I own, but the Sig P365 could be the gun that changes things.

Rewind to SHOT Show 2018 and the release of the Sig P365. It’s an engineering marvel with its tiny size and 10 round magazine. It is the gun people have been asking for. It seemed to have a decent trigger and while a bit pricey, it was reasonable for something coming from Sig Sauer. Fast forward a few months and I was very intrigued, BUT it was plagued with issues. I still wanted to shoot one but I wasn’t as keen on it as I had been.

When I was given the opportunity by Sig Sauer to get a test gun I jumped on it. I really was looking forward to finally scratching that itch and putting the idea that …Read the Rest

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