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By Tyler Kee


The rifle for this review was provided by the Kentucky Gun Company.

The time between receiving the presser for the Ruger Precision Rifle pressing the send button on my email to my friends at Ruger begging pleading asking nicely for one could be measured in nanoseconds. The next email was to the rest of the crew at TTAG to say, “Back off! She’s all mine.” And as if my prayers had been extra double answered, one day later an email hit my inbox from our perpetual patrons at Kentucky Gun Company to let me know that they had a RPR in .308 WIN that we could thrash around on as well. So within a day of each other, my FFL handed over two identical boxes with two nearly identical guns. An RPR in 6.5 Creedmoor (review here) and one in .308 WIN . . .

Those who have read my review of the 6.5 will know full how I feel about that gun. I gave it four stars only because I couldn’t give it 4.8. The buttstock was really the only thing that held the gun back from being what it …Read the Rest

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