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By Francis Borek

Ruger’s faithful P95. Gone but not forgotten. (Photo: Francis Borek)
Two-thousand thirteen was a tumultuous year for firearm owners to say the least. From proposed legislation to ammo shortages and panic buying, there was no lack of news for the average gun guy. Yet one piece of news was overlooked then and still is when people remember those dark days— in October of that fateful year, Ruger quietly pulled the P95 from their website and discontinued the once stalwart handgun.
It was a sad end to a loyal soldier, one that no doubt earned Ruger quite a bit of money. With a lineage stretching back to 1985 and Bill Ruger’s never-ending desire to land a major military contract, it seems tragic to me that the old P95 is now out of production, a once proud line of handguns, consigned to the history books and used gun cases around the nation.
Ruger’s P-Series of handguns were developed in the first half of the 1980s. With the US Army expressing interest in a new service handgun, nearly every major handgun manufacturer jumped at the opportunity. Ruger was no different and as their marketing material boasted: “Ruger’s engineers were handed a clean slate to design the


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