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By Francis Borek

Remington’s R1 is a no-frills design that stays true to the original (more or less). (Photo: Francis Borek)
Think of Remington, and what pops into your mind? Chances are it’s not something good. Perhaps it’s the controversy over the Model 700’s trigger design? Maybe it’s disappointment over the Bushmaster ACR? Or it could be anger over the closure of the Marlin factory and the precipitous decline in quality?
It cannot be argued that many of the Freedom Group’s decisions have proven to be quite contentious (and garnered a seemingly unending string of bad press). Yet there is a beacon of hope for the company, a design Remington flirted with during one of mankind’s darkest hours that, like a phoenix, could prove to be a (partial) rebirth of the brand.
Remington is no stranger to John Browning’s masterpiece handgun, the 1911 pistol, and their R1 1911 handgun in .45 ACP is a testament to this.
During the First World War, the US Army adopted the 1911 design from Colt after a very lengthy trial program, but the Navy and Marine Corps weren’t too impressed and decided to stick with revolvers. However they could plainly see that the future of side arms lay in self-loading pistols


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