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By Kristin Alberts

The Remington 870 sits atop the list of the most popular, affordable, and bulletproof shotguns in the American arsenal.  Now users have options, as Remington pumps up a new 870 DM–detachable magazine–feed in place of the traditional tube-fed slide action.  Is this a case of “why didn’t they do this sooner?”  Or “why mess with a good thing?” finds out.
What Sets the DM apart from a standard 870?
The first, and most important thing to note about the DM, is this is a redesign from the ground up.  Though many have asked, suggested, and attempted, there is no retrofitting existing tube-fed guns.  Right now, if you want a magazine fed 870, you must purchase a new gun.  The DM’s receiver is still made of steel, but the build is quite different with an aluminum magwell secured both fore and aft, with one crossbolt replacing the forward trigger pin.   What looks like the standard magazine tube beneath the barrel is now a shortened, empty guide for the forend action.  The remainder of the internals stay mostly the same as your granddaddy’s 870, with action bars, crossbolt safety, and single-piece trigger assembly.
The new 870 DM is a ground-up design, not available at


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