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By Hanson Hovell Holladay

Intended for Soviet tank crews, mobile recon groups and paratroopers, the Soviet Union manufactured nearly 2 million of these submachine guns, designated PPS43, between 1943 and 1946.Pioneer Arms of Poland redesigned this historical firearm to shoot from a closed bolt position as an ATF legal semi-automatic pistol with the folding stock permanently fixed in its closed position. (Photo: Hanson Holladay)
Most firearm enthusiasts — especially those with a particular interest in historical guns of 20th century warfare — are aware of the simplicity and reliability of the former Soviet Union’s weapons issued to its Red Army and other branches of service. The PPS-43 submachine gun is perhaps the finest example, designed and built during the Great Patriotic War, or, as we refer to it in the West, World War Two.
At first glance the weapon is quite hideous, its appearance somewhat similar to the firearms of stick figures drawn by children: a horizontal line with two angled extensions beneath representing the handle and magazine — pure, absolute simplicity.
Overall length is 24.2 inches with a 9.8 inch barrel. Weight comes in at 8.1 pounds with a loaded 35 round magazine. (Photo: Hanson Holladay)
It is important to note that the firearm in review is


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