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By Kristin Alberts

What do you get when you partner the hottest new caliber of the year with one of the most respected AR-builders?  The drool-worthy Noveske Varmageddon 22 Nosler. The rifle is built from all premium parts, is made in the USA, and can’t be sold in seven states — so right there, it’s a must meet.
The rifle
Though Nosler’s Varmageddon line of AR-platform rifles and ammunition has been putting prairie dogs, coyotes and other varmints on the lam for several years now, the new 22 Nosler version goes above and beyond in looks, potential performance, and features.  Built by Noveske Rifleworks in Grants Pass, Oregon, folks at both Noveske and Nosler believe this will be the ultimate varmint hunting platform on the market today.  The draw of the new round is a 300 fps increase in muzzle velocity over the .223/5.56 with greater capacity and energy.
The Varmageddon may look sweet amongst the flowers, but it’s all badass business for hunters. (Photo: Kristin Alberts)
The new flat dark earth (FDE) rifle sports an 18-inch barrel, Super Badass charging handle, and STS ambidextrous safety.  A set of MBUS Pro sights come standard, just in case shooters would like a backup to their chosen optic.  Also


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