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By Nick Leghorn


A few weeks ago I reviewed LWRC’s IC-A5 rifle. In general I thought the engineering was solid, but the details were holding the gun back. It seems like someone else (a former SEAL named Jeff Gonzoles) had the same impressions I did, and so LWRC introduced a limited edition run of rifles dubbed the “TRICON” series that fixed almost every complaint I could think up and then some. What exactly makes this gun better? Let me count the ways . . .

There are a number of improvements, but the overall form of the gun is the same tried and true LWRC design. The handguards are still integrated into the upper receiver just like the standard rifle. The barrel is a fluted, cold hammer-forged 14.7 inch affair with a pinned and welded flash hider (no other options available). It also comes with a LWRC stock, just like all their other guns. And, most importantly, it has the same quick-detach top rail system and short stroke gas system.

I like to highlight this easy-to-remove handguard because it really does make life a whole lot easier. Instead of needing to break out the tool kit to get at your gas …read more

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