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By Robert Farago

Kimber Solo DC (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Ralph’s review of the Kimber Solo Carry was exhaustive. (But not exhausting; Ralph’s usual blend of useful information and borscht belt humor.) It’s been four years since our man had the Solo in his Hans. Since then, Kimber’s first striker-fired firearm has failed to shrug off its rep as an overly expensive unreliable gun from a company that should stick to making high-end 1911s. (First impressions last.) But is Kimber’s original claim – “what sets the Solo apart is quality, dependability and 1911 ergonomics that ensure comfortable shootability regardless of hand size” – now true? I recently got the chance to put a top-of-the-line Kimber Solo DC to the test . . .

A friend of a friend purchased the pistol without her partner knowing it. When my friend’s friend discovered that her pre-owned nearasdammit $1000 gun wouldn’t feed, her guilt turned to shame, anger and frustration. She sidelined the Solo. When I heard about the secret shelvation I assumed responsibility for the Kimber’s resurrection. Knowing the gun’s meta history, recognizing that it probably needed a new recoil spring (recommended after just 1000 rounds), I shipped it to Kimber without so much …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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