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By Dan Zimmerman


By Louis K. Bonham

I was excited in 2013 when a civilian version (the SAR) of IWI’s iconic TAVOR finally went on sale in the US. The Bullpup 5.56 rifle (note shown) offered long stroke piston action, a non-reciprocating side charger, standard AR mags, super-simple field stripping, gunsmith-free barrel, caliber and opposite hand changes; and combat-tested pedigree and reliability. At a $2k it was pretty pricey, but quality doesn’t come cheap. When finally got to I try one . . .

I was mildly disappointed. As Nick pointed out in his review , the TAVOR’s trigger was a mess: long, heavy and mushy. It made cheap AR milspec triggers feel good by comparison. The magazine release was located in front of the magazine — a configuration that seemed especially inconvenient in a bullpup configuration. The way it shouldered and pointed just didn’t click. While the SAR was fun to shoot, solid as a Mercedes, and did what was expected of it, I wasn’t going to be dropping two grand on that one.


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