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By Chris Eger

Diamondback has been making its DB15 series ARs for years, and their pistol line is constantly expanding. (All photos: Chris Eger/
For the past several weeks we have been knocking around a Diamondback Firearms Co. DB15 series AR-style pistol. Here’s what we found out.
Diamondback, located in Cocoa, Florida in the Gunshine State’s Space Coast, sprang on the scene over a decade ago with their popular compact DB9 pistol offerings and has since grown into one of the most prolific gun makers in the country. As we found out last summer during a factory tour of their facility, the company these days is shipping out upwards of 2,000 all-American-made guns a week.
Big in Diamondback’s catalog is their DB15 series carbines and pistols. In this initial review, we are taking a closer look at one of the shortest of the latter, the 7-inch barreled DB15PDS7B model. Sure, longer barrels give you more complete propellant combustion translating to more velocity imparted to the projectile, but that is an argument to get into in a separate piece. For those who want longer barrels on their AR pistol, Diamondback offers DB15 handguns in a 10-inch format as well.
While some DB15 pistols in the past shipped sans


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