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By Jacki Billings

To the delight of Glock fanboys and girls everywhere, the legendary gun maker announced the latest iteration of everyone’s favorite polymer pistols with the unveiling of the Gen. 5. Though Glock fans have long suspected the Gen. 5 series was on the horizon, Glock aficionados were no less ecstatic when the 17 and 19 dropped in late August.
As the G19 is one of my favorite Glock model pistols, I was thrilled when the company agreed to send me the new Gen. 5 19 to test out and compare with my current Gen. 4 model.
The Gen. 5: Let’s judge this book by its cover
The 9mm chambered Gen. 5 series is based around the M pistol developed for federal law enforcement. Off the bat, shooters will notice that the Gen. 5’s exterior says goodbye to finger grooves and hello to a flat style grip. While some users might lament the finger groove removal, I found it to be a definite plus for petite shooters like myself that find the finger grooves cumbersome. The flat grip face allows for fingers to rest naturally instead of forcing them into set areas. This equates to a more solid shooting grip and a more comfortable fit.


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