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By Sean Utley

SIG M17-Commemorative pistol right profile

The U.S. Army’s solicitation for a new sidearm became one of the most watched and anticipated processes of late. While many thought the contract would be awarded to Glock, SIG Sauer had other plans and stepped up to win the contract.


SIG Releasing 5,000 M17-Commemorative US Army Pistols

The M17 became the new MHS (modular handgun system) for the Army and would then snowball into the sidearm for all branches of the military to include Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

The M17 has an advanced design and utilizes an innovative chassis system, which is the core of its modularity. The chassis allows different frame and grip sizes to be used, thus allowing it to be customized to the shooter’s preferences. It has worked well for civilian shooters since its launch two years ago. This design should make for a sidearm with excellent maintainability for our armed forces.

But like any weapon our military is issued, the general public craves it — even if they only have access to a watered-down version. Thankfully, SIG has decided against such functional bias with its release of the SIG P320 M17 civilian variant.

SIG P320 M17 Differences

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