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By Jeremy S.


Dan Wesson makes some of the finest 1911s on the market. I regard most of their products as highly as those from, say, Wilson Combat, Nighthawk, Les Baer, and others. The crazy thing is that MSRP on a Dan Wesson is often 33% to 50% less. In 2014, I got my hands on and reviewed a DW Valor and loved it. I didn’t purchase it, though, as I wanted just a bit more pizzazz. But with the release of their suppressor-ready Discretion — the better part of Valor? — I found my new 1911 . . .

Looking back on that Valor review, I went into a lot of detail about how high-end 1911s are custom fit and how purchasers are generally looking for super tight tolerances, plus how you pay for that tight fit both in dollars and reliability. Also, I speculated at how Dan Wesson distinguishes itself here. I’d suggest reading the first section of that review for more information, but the short version is that a Dan Wesson leaves the factory fit to what I feel is the exact sweet spot. They’re flawlessly snug, yet they run …Read the Rest

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