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By Andy C

The love-it-or-hate-it Chiappa Rhino Model 50DS in .357 Magnum / .38 Special. (Photo: Andy C)
We all love the idea of innovation, but there’s often a rough patch between an idea’s initial implementation and a market-ready version of the exciting idea. Doing something different from your peers sometimes leads to spectacular advances in a field, and other times it makes you look like an eccentric dork. The Chiappa Rhino sort of does both. There’s lots of good (albeit not original) ideas with the gun, but it’s far from perfectly executed. Combine that with the fact that it’s competing in a sphere of guns that’s tradition-oriented, and the Rhino is a tough sell.
Designed by Emilio Ghisoni, Chiappa began producing the Rhino in 2010. Ghisoni has a long history of oddball revolvers, and the Rhino is comparatively tame. But it takes many of the key design cues from his previous guns.
The Rhino pictured with some Five Star Speedloaders. It also works with most speedloaders designed for L-frame S&W revolvers. (Photo: Andy C)
The Rhino isn’t cheap, retailing for an MSRP between $1500 and $1100 depending on the model. Sold in a variety of barrel lengths, finishes, and calibers (including rimless cartridges like 9mm), the


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