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By Andy C

Benjamin’s Classic .22 caliber air rifle — a slick looking package, no doubt. (Photo: Andy C)
Unsurprisingly, buying into airguns is a lot like buying into firearms. There’s a bewildering range of options available and without help, it’s hard to decide where to start. And even with some help, your helpers might be pulling you in different directions.
Ideally, you pick up something that’s versatile, basic, and cost-effective without skimping on quality that lets you enter a hobby without spending a lot on a specialist product you might not want or need for long. This is the realm of the Ruger 10/22 or Marlin 795 in firearms. In the airgun world, the Benjamin Classic is marketed a bit like this. And while it’s a fine product in a vacuum, I don’t feel it’s a great starter gun because it’s not very versatile—in fact, it’s kind of in limbo as far as purpose goes.
The Benjamin Classic is a break-barrel, spring-piston air rifle in .22 caliber. It’s a hunk of metal and wood, weighing in at nine pounds with a length of 46 inches and an 18 inch barrel. The Classic comes with a very well-constructed thumbhole stock and mounts a 3-9x, 40mm objective


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