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By Dan Zimmerman

Maybe Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney thinks Pennsylvania’s preemption law somehow works differently on the east side of the state than it does in Western Pennsylvania. He’s apparently under the impression that by instituting his own gun control laws by diktat via an executive order — rather than passing city ordinances, which haven’t survived  — he can skirt the state’s prohibition on cities limiting gun rights beyond what’s been done in Harrisburg.
Whatever he Mayor’s “thought process” — and we can assure you it involves healthy amounts of cynicism, disregard for the law, and a desire to gin up “I’m doing something!” headlines in the Philadelphia Inquirer — he signed an executive order yesterday “banning guns and deadly weapons from the city’s indoor and outdoor recreation spaces including parks, basketball courts and pools.”
He took the plainly illegal action after attending a funeral for a woman who was killed in the crossfire when

Source: The Truth About Guns

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