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By Ammoland

Nancy Pelosi NRA-ILA
Speaker Pelosi is an outspoken opponent of the Second Amendment.

U.S.A. -( Gun Owners of America released the following piece yesterday afternoon warning pro-gun voters of the perils of complacency. While some might feel the whole article is more click-bait than substance, it still contains plenty of good information. Plus, with the seemingly endless attacks on the Second Amendment, any and all positive news is welcome. Check out the full release below.

Without a Proactive Agenda, Pelosi’s Trap will be Difficult to Escape

November 3rd — presidential Election Day — is coming quick.

The consequences are immeasurable and it’s far from clear whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win. What is clear is that, if Biden prevails, our rights protected by the Second Amendment will continue to come under ferocious attack. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are scheming their most recent legislative gambit to enhance Biden’s chances and to gain control of the Congress. Please take action and encourage Senators to step forward with a pro-active, pro-gun agenda to combat Pelosi and Schumer’s impending anti-gun “wish-list.”

Pelosi and Schumer are scheming to hijack COVID-19 funding with anti-gun agenda

As a condition of passing the COVID-19 Phase 4 legislative relief package, Pelosi and Schumer …Read the Rest

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