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By Jenn Jacques

There’s very little that upsets me. My husband will tell you, I’m like the Rock of Gibraltar; steady as the day is long. I don’t get emotional, I’m very even keeled and don’t go flying off the handle. I mean, I’m not unflappable, I just like getting all the facts straight first and as the meme says, keep calm and carry on.

However, when it comes to discussing the Pope’s visit to America, I’m pretty upset.

Last week, I voiced my displeasure and disbelief over Pope Francis’ focus on climate change rather than things like the worldwide persecution of Christians or the continual slaughter of babies through abortion. Mid-rant, I received a message from a fellow gun owner asking if I was aware that I can’t call myself a Christian. I actually laughed and thinking it was a joke, I made a flippant comment about how I’d love to see who was going to stop me.

All kidding aside, she sent me an article from June 2015 citing Pope Francis’ declaration that people who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are ‘hypocrites if they call themselves Christian’. The remarks were made at a rally of thousands of young people at …read more

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