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By David Codrea

By David Codrea

“Let’s face it, I’m tired.”
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “I Am Tired of Correcting Joe Scarborough — Gun Safety Is A Winning Issue,” Bloomberg Mom Shannon Watts complains to a sympathetic HuffPo readership. “It is patently false to claim Democrats will see more favorable results by embracing the gun lobby.”

She evidently knows something Bill Clinton did not, and must also have an explanation (besides “the Russians”) for Donald Trump’s electoral wipeout of Hillary Clinton. (Incidentally, she didn’t believe her “husband” either, not that we can blame her.) But as long as Watts is intent on repeating a denial meme that’s been around for years (Isn’t that what Opposite Day “progressives” do? Recycle failed ideas from the past?), gun owners will happily take a Republican in the White House, controlling both houses of Congress and appointments to the Supreme and federal courts.

“Not only is gun violence prevention supported by a majority of Americans from both parties, but it is also a winning issue,” Watts prattles on undeterred. “ Just last week, Pew Research Center’s new polling came out showing …Read the Rest

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