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By Caleb

One of the odd trends that I’ve noticed among online gun enthusiasts is a frequent and vocal disdain for organized sports, which I’ve never really understood. I like sports; I follow college and professional football, baseball, several different types of racing, and MMA all with relatively avid interest. What’s interesting to me is that when gun people are disdaining sports, combat sports such as MMA and boxing almost always get a pass, and their dislike is usually reserved for team sports like hockey or football.

It always struck me as an odd kind of virtue signaling: “I’m so tactical I don’t have time to care about foosball” or something along those lines. As if your disdain for a popular thing that the “sheeple” like makes you cool or something. Like I said, I’ve never really gotten it, but then again I like sports. I have since I was a little kid. I’ve always wondered what it was that motivated people to be so vocal about that.

I’m not talking about people who just aren’t interested; those people usually just don’t post about sports. I’m talking about the people who are so uninterested in sports that they have to post about how uninterested …Read the Rest

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