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By Bob Owens

Dudley Moore in 1990's Crazy People

Dudley Moore in 1990’s Crazy People

In 1990, Dudley Moore and Darryl Hannah started in a cynical satire of the advertising industry called Crazy People.

The movie—which bombed—was based around an advertising agency executive who had a mental breakdown and who was sent to a mental institution. Due his breakdown, the executive (played by Moore) wrote “honest ads,” one of which got out became wildly popular. Ads such as “Volvo: They’re boxy both they’re good,” and “Metamucil: If you don’t use it you’ll get cancer and die,” were highly effective in the movie. They ads weren’t any more true than any other advertising, but they sounded real to consumers in the movie.

Here in the real world, such ads don’t work. They simply don’t move products.

Yes, we all know we’re being lied to in advertising. We know that our choice of light beer is not going to make us irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex, and that a beige mid-priced sedan is not “sporty.” We accept a little bit of exaggeration, because such harmless escapist fantasies are fun.

But the escapist silliness that is the advertising industry is now on trial, thanks to a very cynical and money-hungry efforts of litigators attempting …Read the Rest

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