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By Dean Weingarten


In March of this year, “Eddie and Cindy Gilmore [above right] were sitting in their living room watching television, when all of the sudden they heard a loud noise behind them, and barely had time to turn around to see dark figures approaching, demanding they get down,” reports. “‘Three people ran in and grabbed my wife,’ Eddie Gilmore said. ‘She stood up.’ . . .

Eddie Gilmore says as his screaming wife was taken to a back room by a masked intruder who was holding a gun to her head, another intruder told him to get on the floor in the living room.

“And I got over between the couch and the coffee table and when I did I went down and put my arm on the coffee table to kind of hide myself and I pulled the drawer open because I had a gun in there,” Gilmore said.

That’s when, Gilmore says, he started shooting in every direction he could, hitting two of the subjects. The suspects fired back, but neither Eddie or Cindy were hurt.

“They had a gun to her head,” Eddie Gilmore said, “They could’ve killed her and come right in here and killed me if …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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