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By Robert Farago

Republican Del. Todd Gilbert (courtesy

“Virginia’s Republican-led House of Delegates has approved a bill that would allow people who are protected by a protective order to carry a concealed handgun without a permit,” reports. “The House approved Republican Del. Todd Gilbert‘s bill with a 68-29 vote on Wednesday. It heads to the GOP-controlled Senate. Genius! If Michael Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic BFF, Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe, vetoes the bill, he will be seen as anti-gun in a War on Women kinda way. If he doesn’t, even better. HB 766Concealed handguns; carrying with a valid protective order — stipulates . . .

If during the period set forth in subsection A the person issued the protective order applies for a concealed handgun permit, the prohibition against carrying a concealed handgun in clause (i) of subsection A of § 18.2-308 shall not apply to such person for an additional 45 days from the date of the application. The clerk shall certify on the application that the period has been extended for an additional 45 days from the date of the application and shall indicate the date on which the period expires. A copy of the certified application shall …Read the Rest

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