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By Robert Farago

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“In a rare legal challenge converging the First and Second amendments, a California gun store owner’s bid to continue advertising handguns has been denied by a federal judge, ending a temporary agreement between the store and the state Department of Justice to not enforce a nearly 100-year-old law that bans advertising handguns in public,” reports. The rest of the article details the travesty that is the judge’s ruling, which acknowledges gun store owner Michael Baryla’s First Amendment right to free speech while upholding the ban on the posters because it “dampens [the] demand for emotion-driven impulse purchases of handguns.” Barely’s continuing the fight. And how. Check out his reaction . . .

If [California Attorney General Kamala] Harris forces Baryla to remove the photos, he said he would cover them up, “creatively, of course,” until the case is decided.

“We have some ideas,” he said, including blurring the images and adding lettering on top that says, “The DOJ doesn’t want you to see this,” as a way to redact the handgun images.

“We’ll do something to piss them off,” Baryla said.

Baryla’s in-your-face defense of the First and Second Amendment earns TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day Award. ‘Nuff …read more

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