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By Dean Weingarten

Judge Michael Greenlick (courtesy

In Oregon, Jared Padgett [not shown] stole his brother’s rifle, ammunition, magazines and a bag to carry them in. The teenager entered a Reynolds High school locker room and fatally shot fellow student Emilio Hoffman. Padgett then shot and wounded a teacher. Jared’s brother Lucas asked the police to return the rifle and accessories, valued at over $2,000. But even though there will be no trial (Hoffman committed suicide in a bathroom stall), the city administration refused, citing a vague “evidence” requirements . . .


Court documents show that Lucas Padgett is asking the following items be returned:

  • 1 Daniel Defense armament DDM4 carbine rifle (a variation on the well-known AR-15)

  • 8 30-round Magpul magazines

  • Several hundred rounds of ammunition

  • 1 “plate carrier” bulletproof vest

  • 1 U.S. Army-issued laundry bag

The family took their claim to court; a major expense that exceeded the value of the rifle. Lucas Pagett appears to be taking a principled position that the rifle is his property. He had not committed a crime. The government has no right to keep his property without any due process.

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In the papers he says the items are ‘no longer needed for evidentiary purposes’ by …read more

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