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By Tom Knighton

California’s new assault weapon registration was supposed to help keep the state safer somehow. Apparently, they think that knowing where all the guns are will somehow make it impossible for someone who isn’t registered to do something bad, which is a load of wishful thinking.

However, I’ve always believed that most people will be law abiding citizens right up until the law goes too far. That’s especially true when you’re talking about something that’s a fundamental right like firearm ownership. You can push and push, but at some point, a lot of people will up their middle finger and tell those in power to perform anatomically improbable sexual acts upon their own person.

It looks like I was right.

The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) said the likely registration rate of “bullet-button assault weapons” was only about 3 percent of the total number of firearms in California that fall under the state’s latest expansion of its “assault weapons” ban. State documents obtained by the group through freedom of information requests show the Department of Justice approved 6,213 individuals to register 12,519 firearms under the new law by the end of June. It rejected a further 1,373 registration attempts. …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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