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By David Codrea

Viral Run on Guns
Long lines are becoming the norm at gunshops across American during the pandemic.

U.S.A. – -( “Deeming gun stores essential is unfair — and unsafe,” Everytown President and longtime Bloomberg lackey John Feinblatt declared in a free ad hosted by CNN Tuesday. “Much is still unknown about COVID-19, but one thing is certain: Owning a gun does not make you any safer from it.”

He’s pulling the same disingenuous crap the self-appointed media wits are springboarding off of as if it’s the virus people are arming themselves against. What he’s deliberately diverting attention from is the very real potential for something unforeseen and terrible happening to a society being brought to its knees while, in Feinblatt’s own words, “much is still unknown.”

Having done that with a readership dumb enough to turn to “the most busted name in news,” Feinblatt resorts to the same old, tired arguments that somehow don’t seem as compelling to “liberals” now flocking to gun stores as they once did before it was their own precious hindquarters on the line.

So he talks “suicides,” without explaining how …Read the Rest

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