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By Robert Farago

Gun free zone (courtesy

By Andrew Crisologo and Dr. John Eden

Tennessee Senator Dolores Gresham recently introduced Senate Bill 1736 which would establish that “if the person or entity posts to prohibit the possession of firearms on the property, the posting entity, for purposes of liability, assumes custodial responsibility for the security and defense of any concealed handgun permit holder harmed while on the posted property.” This is not a new concept . . .

Arizona has had several bills introduced since 2002. The Defenseless Victim Act of 2002 (HB 2456) was the first. Subsequent bills in Arizona (HB 2320), Georgia (HB 31), Kansas (HB 2353) and Illinois (SB 0048) have not yet made it into law. However, under Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Act, property owners are immune to liability if they allow concealed carry on their properties. They lose immunity if they post gun free zone signs.

Is this the new front in the fight to eliminate so called “gun free zone” (GFZ)? As things stand now, there is no liability risk in most states for establishing a GFZ. Concealed carry license holders are disarmed and those who disarm them need to do nothing to ensure the security of those on their property.

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