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By Gregory Smith

A lot of movie theater chains have posted that odious “Gun-Free Zone” sign outside. As you can see here, it didn’t stop a patron from pulling out his gun recklessly.

Police in Kentucky are recommending charges against an Illinois man accused of pulling a gun out at a movie theater.

It happened at the Cinemark theater in Paducah on Saturday.

According to police, 64-year-old John Grabinski of Ozark, Illinois began cursing at a 14-year-old boy for kicking his seat. Police say the teen’s father then got into an argument with Grabinski.

There was a physical altercation between the two. Police say the teen’s father had the upper hand, and that’s when Grabinski pulled out a gun and said, “What the [expletive] are you going to do now?”

Grabinski was escorted out of the movie theater.

Paducah police say Grabinski could possibly be charged with fourth degree assault and menacing.

The county attorney’s office is conducting its own investigation. The office says if it chooses to file charges, it will likely do that Tuesday.

NBC-affiliate WPSD reached out to Cinemark — both the national chain and the local theater — about the specifics of it’s gun policy, and we have yet to hear back. However, the Paducah theater …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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