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By Robert Farago

Campus Carry protest (courtesy

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1. Campus Carry won’t have much impact because CHL holders must be over 21 and few such students live on campus. WRONG:

  • Over 5000 people within a 5 mile radius of UT-Austin’s campus have CHLs
  • Reciprocal laws will allow thousands more people with licenses from other states to enter our place of work and learning and our students’ on-campus homes.

2. Campus Carry will allow people to protect themselves from criminals. WRONG:

3. Gun Free zones attract criminals with guns. WRONG:

4. Good Guys with guns can stop Bad Guys with guns. WRONG:

  • The FBI found only 1 of 160 active shooter incidents between 2000-2014 was stopped by a CHL holder, and he was a Marine; 21 incidents were stopped by UNARMED …Read the Rest

    Source:: Truth About Guns

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