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By Ammoland

Gun “Fights” and Gun “Battles!”

By John Farnam

Gun “Fights” and Gun “Battles!”
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Gun “Fights” and Gun “Battles!”

This week’s, particularly yesterday’s, raids by French Police and Special Operators on multiple hideouts used by Islamic terrorists set the stage for what is going to become commonplace there and here.

Witnesses described “continuous gunfire” for over three hours. Also multiple explosions. When the dust finally settled this morning, several terrorists were DRT (dead right there), several others taken into custody. At least one French officer was wounded, and a police K-9 was killed.

French “gun control” laws, and similar laws throughout Western Europe and the UK, have been pitifully ineffective in disarming/dissuading, even inconveniencing, terrorists. Mark that well!

Here in CONUS, American police, particularly in big, metro areas, are accustomed to OISs (officer involved shooting). Such “gunfights” usually last only a few seconds and end with a suspect down, or in the process of running away. In the latter case, suspects commonly surrender meekly shortly thereafter.

By contrast, “gun battles,” involving multiple teams of heavily-armed tactical officers deploying from armored vehicles, lasting for hours (maybe days) and consuming hundreds, sometimes thousands, of rounds of …Read the Rest

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