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By David Codrea

All Moms should demand this right.
All Moms should demand this right.

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Siwatu-Salama Ra

Barring heretofore unreported evidence, if the story went down as stated, Ra’s conviction and imprisonment make no sense. Even other-side-of-the-story counterclaims appear more one person’s word against the other’s, as opposed to beyond a reasonable doubt. While differences in state laws, decisions to charge and prosecute, and jury variables can be cited, the “supreme Law of the Land” exists “to secure the Blessings of Liberty” for all – at least that’s the theory.

There’s a similar third case, one in which the shooter was a Chicago fire official identified for some reason only as “the lieutenant.” He’d left his Jeep running and a 17-year-old got behind the wheel and tried to steal it:

“He drew his gun and fired through the open driver’s side window, hitting the teen in the chest … He did not have a gun on him.”

“The lieutenant,” a concealed carry permit holder, “was not charged and he was not disciplined by the department.” Everyone up to the state attorney evidently thinks it was a good shoot and met use of force justification requirements, and a report at the time of the …Read the Rest

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