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By Robert Farago

Contrast the headline above with the headline at Two injured at Expo Idaho gun show after rifle discharges. Now consider the “bullet points” underneath the title: “A vendor was trying to secure the firearm when it went off; Bullet struck the victims in the legs; injuries not life-threatening.” See the problem? “A 74-year-old gun vendor from Washington told investigators he was securing a Savage Arms B Mag .17-caliber bolt-action rifle with a plastic zip tie when the weapon discharged.” Once again, a journalist crafts a story about a negligent discharge that . . .

removes responsibility for the ND from the person who pulled the trigger, and makes it seem as if guns are inherently dangerous. OK, they are. But they don’t just “go off.” Bad things happen with firearms when humans (and the occasional canine) do bad things with them. Like pull/step on the trigger when they shouldn’t.

There was a shell in the rifle, and he mistakenly fired it, according to Sheriff’s Office spokesman Patrick Orr. The bullet went through a cardboard box, two table covers and a metal cane, then struck the leg of the 51-year-old holding the cane and the leg …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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