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By Christen Smith

Gun Craft Beer launched four flavors in 2017. (Photo: Gun Craft Beer)
Lou Selvaggio and his brother, Dave, know two things well: craft beer and guns. So it’s no surprise the men poured those passions into a joint business venture unlike anything the craft beer industry has ever seen before.
Gun Craft Beer launched its four flagship brews last year in Itasca, Illinois — a suburb 27 miles northwest of Chicago — from the taps of the Church Street Brewing Company, a family-owned operation with a fondness for European-inspired ales and lagers.
“What do we want this beer to be about? It’s about the freedom we have in this country and our love of this freedom and our love of this country,” Lou Selvaggio told “That’s the initial vibe of what we do.”
Selvaggio’s love for craft beer dates back to the early 1980s — about the same time Dave founded D.S. Arms in Lake Barrington, Illinois. The brothers long dreamed of dabbling in the alcohol industry, though initially, Selvaggio said, they considered launching a liquor.
“It’s been done. You’ve seen the gun shaped bottle in the store,” he said. “People buy them because they look cool, but the liquor isn’t always the best.


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