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By Dan Zimmerman

Browning machineguns

By Travis Pike

We often talk about firearms and gun control as a rights issue. We do this for good reason, the right to keep and bear arms in an American right enshrined in our founding document. We fight tooth and nail for our ability to own firearms and standard accessories like bayonet lugs. We fight tooth and nail to own magazines that hold eleven plus rounds. We fight tooth and nail because it’s our right. There is another side of the coin though, another reason to fight. While maintaining our right to keep and bear arms is the most important thing, there are other critical components to gun ownership that affect our nation. These are mainly what the gun industry does for the county economically . . .

First and foremost before we dive headfirst into this piece I will be the first to admit that gun businesses would not go out of business over some specific laws. Universal background checks won’t shutter the doors. However, as we’ve all seen the endgame isn’t UBCs, or assault weapons bans, or licensing, or insurance, so on and so forth. We know the endgame for progressives and the house of D, and some folks …Read the Rest

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