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By Dave Urbanski

Image source: YouTube

The Hayes Brothers got a fair bit of attention last month with a humorous video pointing out the “stupid” claims of “white privilege” — and the fact that the conservative siblings are black made their commentary all the more intriguing.

Image source: YouTube

Well, the pair are back with a new video in which they “interview” a special guest.

But the proceedings don’t go so well. The guest doesn’t want to talk. Understandable since the guest doesn’t have a mouth. Worse still, the guest can’t make decisions or process information — or even move.

Still, the Hayes Brothers are more than a little surprised that “Puff” — the “shy,” closed-mouth AR-15 seated between them and decked out in a fedora on its barrel — won’t defend himself against accusations that he’s responsible for recent and past mass shootings.

Image source: YouTube

“You have free speech here, you can talk freely,” Joel Hayes told the rifle, insisting that “inanimate objects now have rights” since rights come with being “blamed … for killing.”

Of course, the rifle is mum.

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

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