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By Tim

Photo courtesy of AP

Photo courtesy of AP

Another prime example of gun control at its finest is the story of these two unarmed officers being gunned down by… a thug with a gun. Wait, didn’t gun control stop it? Of course not, and here is the story submitted by a reader.

These two officers responded to a robbery in progress when they were ambushed by an armed man that had a warrant out for his role in a shooting and grenade attack. The two unarmed officers responded to the call to the Hattersley Estate in Mottram.

At a news conference he also revealed that it was believed Dale Cregan, or someone acting on his behalf had deliberately made a call to the police reporting a burglary in a bid to lure officers to their deaths.

He told a news conference: “We believe either he has made the call or he has got someone else to make the call for the purpose of drawing these two officers to the scene. It would appear that he has deliberately done this in an act of cold blooded murder.”

While one officer died at the scene, the other female officer died later at the hospital from her wounds. Fiona Bone, …read more

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