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Once again gun control groups have proved they don’t care about the facts, but instead their ultimate goal of gun bans based on non-existent issues.

In case you missed it last week, FBI Director James Comey admitted his agency is responsible for Charleston killer Dylann Roof getting his hands on a gun when he was ineligible to do so. Roof passed a background check during a firearm purchase, something Comey admitted shouldn’t have happened due to a felony charge on his record prior to the purchase.

Regardless of the admission, gun control groups are lying about a non-existent gun background check “loophole,” blaming the National Rifle Association and ignoring FBI responsibility for the situation.

Take for example Everytown For Gun Safety, an outfit of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Over the weekend Everytown sent out an email 1) claiming Roof didn’t pass an FBI background check 2) claiming the NRA supported a “loophole” which allowed Roof to get his hands on a gun.

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