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By Tom Knighton

In our current gun debate, it’s not unusual for gun control advocates to claim that pro-Second Amendment activists are being unreasonable. They argue that all anyone is talking about is restricting assault weapons a bit, and what do you need with those anyway? When we point out that we know the endgame is well beyond just so-called “assault weapons,” they like to pretend we’re paranoid. Nevermind the countless people we’ve shown wanting to do far more, we’re paranoid because no one is talking about that.

It seems no one sent that memo to at least one gun control group. From Americans Against Gun Violence:

In every other high income democratic country of the world, the burden of proof is on the person seeking to acquire a gun to show why he or she needs one, and that he or she is of good character and able to handle a gun safely; not on society to prove why he or she should not have one. Moreover, recognizing that there is no net protective value from civilian gun ownership, most other developed countries do not accept “self-defense” as a reason for having a gun. The alleged shooter in the Capital Gazette …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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