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By Rob Morse

NRA-ILA; Crime
Gun Control Fails Again in Toronto, Canada

U.S.A. -( Canadian politicians said this would never happen.

A murderer shot people on the street and then shot into crowded restaurants in Toronto, Canada. 13 people were wounded. An 18 year old woman and a 10 year old child were killed.

The murderer had years of treatment for psychosis but was increasingly depressed and anxious. Canadian gun laws, like the laws in the US, are mere ink on paper. Somehow, those magical words were supposed to stop a committed murderer. The murderer’s gun was traced back to a burglary that happened a few years ago. In theory, we were safe from violence because a dedicated murderer would never break Canadian gun laws. That theory failed again, but Canadian politicians called for more of the same.

Madmen intent on murder ignore the law. After every murder, politician propose more gun laws as a distraction from their failed policies of gun control.. and foolish Canadians (and Americans) fall for it time after time.

  • The murderer had a long history of mental illness. He was being treated for depression and anxiety. Despite that troubling past, the murderer was not on the list of people prohibited from …Read the Rest

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